We got more than a win, we finally got back our team spirit

We would like to claim WVU’s lopsided-win over the Wolfpack last week didn’t surprise us.
But since the truth doesn’t take sides that would be a falsehood, despite who our newspaper roots for here.
It’s probably safe to say the Mountaineers 44-27 win over North Carolina State surprised practically everyone, and possibly WVU’s football team itself.
And there’s no denying a surprise like this one was mighty welcome in these times of seemingly one negative surprise after another off the field and sometimes on it.
It’s not just that part of our national psyche to often look to sports in uncertain times like these for confidence and resolve at play here.
Nor is this just partly due to low to modest expectations with a new team and new coaches in a new season that’s cause for self-doubt.
Uncertainty is seemingly a constant in general, from our adolescence throughout our lives and careers in whatever walk in life we choose to take.
But it is truly a spectator sport in the case of how your team is going to fare in any given year, despite an undefeated or a losing season the previous year.
Uncertainty shows up at its worst and immediately when things don’t look so good based on what happens at the outset of a new season, either.
Aside from rooting them on and not substituting “we” with “they” depending on the final score, our influence on our team’s fortunes is marginal.
We don’t recruit the players, run the practices, pick the starters, call the plays, set the schedule, etc.
Whether they win or not is usually determined by the players’ skill and their will, as well as their execution and, of course, good coaching.
There was a lot of emotions under the Mountaineer players’ helmets Saturday but surprise or shock, which is a close relative of fear, wasn’t among them
Instead, purpose, tenacity, heart and fearlessness — playing to win — was written on the face of every WVU player on the field and along their sideline.
Though it stands to reason this team is going to lose some games this season it won’t be the result of giving up.
Indeed, when and if they do lose, one thing that appears to be a given now is this team embodies resilience.
That is, even when stretched to its limits, like nerves, this team will kick in and act reflexively.
There were a lot of positives to expand on about last week’s electrifying Mountaineer game. Of course, everyone will agree it’s a good thing whenever WVU wins a football game.
But WVU and our community won something else, too. We won back our team spirit.
That’s something else we can all agree on.

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