Sweet memories of summer days gone by

July is here, that glorious month of summer.
In May we pulled away from winter’s hold to watch a new season awaken.
June brought a foretaste of summer’s glory with its abundance of roses, little tomato stalks stretching to warmth and sunlight, trees, newly leafed, tiptoeing to touch the sky.
Every day was filled to overflowing with new growth in the gardens and constant outside work.
Finally, in July, the merry-go-round stops spinning. The world moves at a slower pace and we can pause to look around us. All the garden flowers come into their own, offering up their colors and fragrance with abandon.
Now the summer nights are warm, often sultry. Twilight beckons us to relax on the patio, watch the birds fly home to their nests and look for the evening star in the darkening sky. Sitting quietly at sunset, memories of other summers often seem as real as yesterday.

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