Best Sports Betting Apps In 2021 – 4 Apps to Try Out

baseball matchSports betting has been around for thousands of years. It dates all the way back to the ancient Greeks betting on the original Olympic games. That being said, the industry now looks quite a bit different due to the technology and all the sports betting apps and sites we currently have.

Access to the internet and mobile phones allows anyone to place a bet from anywhere they have connectivity. With such instantaneous access to information and no delays to updating spreads and odds, the sports betting apps that people are using have advanced far quicker than anyone could have guessed.

4 Top Sports Betting Apps

Now that the pandemic lockdowns are over and sports are starting back up again, we’re providing some information on what we think are the best sports betting apps available for 2021.

DraftKings Sportsbook App

DraftKings is essentially the gold standard in sports betting apps these days. They certainly rose to fame as one of the original names in fantasy football leagues, eventually creating leagues for many other sports.
Now, they’re offering a slick mobile app and website from which to keep track of your sports bets for iOS and Android, not to mention a generous welcome bonus of bet $1 to win $100, up to $1,050. The app responds quickly and has been built with the sort of high quality one would expect from such a large operation. Users can access any market on the mobile app that is available on the website, and betting slips can be minimized and accessed quickly while the big event is going on.
Both the mobile app and website platform are well laid out and not overcrowded so you can easily watch your book. There is also a live betting feature allowing both mobile and desktop users to place bets on the fly.
Potential users should note that, while sports betting is legal in some states, it is still not legal in most.  DraftKings Sportsbook App is currently only legally available in the US states of New Jersey, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, New Hampshire, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia.

FanDuel Sportsbook App

With clear competition in the betting app space growing fierce, FanDuel Sportsbook has given DraftKings a run for their money. Despite perhaps less market share, FanDuel is still the top dog in its home state of New Jersey.
Their welcome bonus is perhaps the best on offer. When you sign up, you are given a risk-free bet of up to $1,000. If you win, you could win big. If you lose, you’re credited the $1,000 back to your account.  Bear in mind this is essentially store credit, so it can only be used on FanDuel.
FanDuel is great for beginners who may not have much sports betting experience by making the process easier than ever before. The app itself is one of the best betting apps 2021. FanDuel offers customers an excellent user interface with no lag from one screen to the next. The app also provides access to any market that is available on the website platform. The cashier is easy to navigate with everything you need to know on the screen. Also, betting slips are easy to minimize and keep on hand.
As with DraftKings, sports betting is only legal in a few US states. FanDuel is legal in every state that DraftKings is available except for New Hampshire.

BetMGM Sportsbook App

MGM is one of the biggest names in the casino business. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you may find it difficult to ignore the MGM Grand Hotel.
Now, MGM is offering their own brand of sports betting app: BetMGM. It offers customers not only the usual market offerings on both mobile and desktop platforms but also access to niche markets you might not find on other platforms. These include cricket, Australian Rules Rugby, and Formula 1.
The welcome bonus is relatively generous – a $600 risk-free bet to get you started. While the range of markets opens up a bit with BetMGM and the pricing is competitive, the desktop app doesn’t quite have the ease of use that the other two provide to customers. It has to do with the location of the scroll bar, and while some may be able to get used to it, the competition requires the best possible user interface to keep customers excited about the ease of placing bets.
BetMGM is legal in the same states as FanDuel, however, they have the benefit of being legal in Nevada. Also, this app will soon be accessible to the Washington DC market as well.

William Hill Sports Betting App

The UK gambling market is quickly becoming one of the hottest in the world, and the best offering for sports betting apps comes from William Hill.
The welcome bonus is nice – $500 free bet for Colorado, West Virginia, Indiana, and New Jersey, and $300 for Illinois. They have a strong focus on those who are new to sports betting apps.
The mobile app and website are easy to use, offering customers the ability to quickly open, log in, and place a bet in little to no time. The bet slip is also easy to find and manage when events are going on. Live betting has been much more popular in William Hill’s home country, so the in-game betting functionality is top-notch for the segment.
While William Hill is a strong name in the sports betting app market, there is still room to grow.  Luckily, their US presence will only expand since they have partnered with Caesar’s Palace.  Combined with the reputation of Caesar’s and their experience in sports betting, this one may be a future star given time to iron out some of the functionality issues sometimes experienced on the app.

Final words

Sports betting apps have grown quickly, especially given the bumpy history with the legality of sports betting. While only available in some states, the US market remains largely untouched, providing potential growth that will certainly bring huge benefits to those who use sports betting apps regularly.  Even so, current apps provide those with access to a significantly smoother and more approachable experience than ever before in the history of sports betting.