Sept. 5 letters to the editor

How do other counties
manage nicer roads?
After numerous calls to the Division of Highways, both local and district offices, and letters to the paper about the huge potholes on W.Va. 73 South and Halleck Road they were finally filled.
It took nearly a year of weekly calls. Well we now have what the people out west call “Rodeo Roads.” Yes, the potholes are gone replaced by suspension-jarring humps and bumps that bounce you nearly off the road at the speed limit.
Why can’t the DOH fill a hole without overfilling it to make a mound? I have traveled on many other counties’ repaved roads, regraveled roads and even on obscure back roads, and potholes are filled smoothly. They even have those things called ditches which you cannot see along W.Va.73 or Halleck Road and most other county roads. Our roads would last so much longer if storm water run-off drained off the road’s surface and did not find its own path — undercutting the edges of the road surface.
As a recent photo in the newspaper picture plainly shows (DP-Monday) the Interstate 79 bridge passing over Halleck Road looks ready to fall any day.
They keep shoring it up with steel supports, but it clearly needs to be redone. It is not the only bridge in Monongalia County that needs work. Meanwhile, the DOH is looking to put another interchange on Interstate 79. There seems to be a greater need to make the roads we have safe before thinking of building another interchange.
There is also the subject of new roundabouts. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the roads approaching these intersections smoother? I am not against these projects, let’s just get our priorities right.
I don’t know who makes the decisions on what road work is to be done in Monongalia County but it’s clear they do not drive the roads or listen to county residents when they decide what to do.
How do other counties with a lower income per capita and less industry manage to have nicer roads? Are their tax dollars spent more wisely?
Susan Hall Witt

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