Sept. 4 letters to the editor

Road conditions boil
down to unreliable DOH
Exit 7 off Interstate -68 to W.Va. 857/U.S. 119 to Easton Hill is a heavily traveled road that has major potholes with exposed rebar. Some have been patched. This should be a red flag to Division of Highways’ supervisors and engineers that repairs, temporary fixes or more appropriately permanent fixes are past due. Where do all the taxes go that are generated by the tsunami of vehicles that flow through this area daily consuming thousands of gallons of fuel?
I realize that after all the articles that have been written ad nauseam the answer to this question should be available to the taxpayers and not a secret.
The dirty little secret is that elected officials and DOH officials are guilty of infinite dereliction with no solutions. and in the past year their egregious negligence has been exposed, and when they do decide to meet and discuss the situation it is analogous to a circular firing squad. There are many examples of negligence. W.Va. 26 through Brandonville is riddled with potholes and the DOH garage is practically in eyesight, less than two miles. Do the supervisors inspect the roads periodically or drive through with blinders on?
The recent paving project on Glades Farm Road is less than six months old and is already deteriorating due to the lack of preparation before paving and applying less black top at the direction of the DOH. There was adequate ditching prior to paving.

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