Sept. 11 letters to the editor

Lot of memories linger
still over Stansbury Hall
Goodbye, Stansbury Hall. The Beechurst Avenue building, now removed to make way for progress, had a basketball history that included the efforts of Leland Byrd, Mark Workman, “Moo” Moore and standouts Rod Hundley, Jerry West and many others.
Besides many victories, it hosted the end of a home-winning streak of over 50 games when the Pitt team of Coach Doc Carlson held the ball most of the game for a narrow win. The only sound heard was the shuffling of feet leaving.
Many wins at the court — so close to fan seating — followed. There was also the night a Penn State player chased the ball out of bounds, making a successful leap over an occupied bench.
And the gentle rain of dirt on fans at the lower level when fans at the higher level stomped their feet in approval.
As everyone knows by now, the Coliseum with its fluttery roof was a major improvement.
William Mason

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