Maintaining back health during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful state. But it can also bring some physical discomfort as your body changes. Lumbar pain, which is lower back pain, can develop as your center of gravity shifts and pulls your posture out of line. Because your balance may be off just a bit, be a little more careful when doing normal things like walking and running, lifting a laundry basket, climbing or descending stairs and rolling over in bed. To minimize back pain, here are some other tips:
— Don’t sleep flat on your back. Sleep on your side. Pillows between your knees will help you maintain a comfortable position while you sleep.
— With the extra weight you’ll be carrying, it’s important to wear good shoes. A sturdy pair of slip-ons will spare you the effort of having to bend over to put your shoes on.
— And certainly follow your doctor’s nutrition recommendations so that you don’t put on unnecessary weight.
— During your third trimester consider a supportive back brace made for pregnancy.
— Stretch daily – your range of motion should be practiced regularly so that your body knows its limitations within your new body type without you consciously thinking about it every time. This allows you to bend or move reflexively if needed without creating an injury.
— If lower back pain is a persistent problem during pregnancy, visit a chiropractor. It’s the drug free choice for managing pregnancy related back problems.

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